HSC Northern Ireland
Direct Medics is an approved agency supplier of Nurses and Nursing/Care assistants across all five HSC trusts in Northern Ireland.


NHS Scotland
Direct Medics is an awarded framework agency to supply Nurses and Care assistants covering all fourteen health boards in Scotland.


NHS Workforce Alliance England
Direct Medics are an awarded NHS Workforce Alliance framework agency delivering healthcare staffing solutions to NHS hospitals across England.


Healthtrust Europe
Direct Medics is an awarded Healthtrust Europe framework agency delivering staffing solutions to Healthcare providers across England.


REC Medical
Direct Medics have been corporate members of the REC since 2001 and as such, adhere to the values and principles of the REC Code of Professional Practice. Adherence to the Code demonstrates our commitment to professional and ethical recruitment, with focus on outcomes and the impact of our conduct on others whilst conducting our day-to-day activities.


National Recruitment Federation
The National Recruitment Federation is a voluntary organisation set up to establish and maintain standards and codes of practice for the Recruitment Industry in Ireland. As NRF members, Direct Medics demonstrates its commitment to providing a quality service by adhering to its strict code of conduct.


Our quality management system has been certified by BSI as being at ISO 9001:2015 standard.
This demonstrates our compliance and commitment to industry-respected practices,
allowing us to stay competitive and open up new opportunities.